“Everything is digital, but digital isn’t everything.”

That’s right, it isn’t about the latest trends, the flashiest web banner, the coolest iphone app or any other GMOOT to come out in the next 10 seconds! So what is it about? It’s about INTEGRATION! It’s not just about mixing media into a tasteless mess. “Put the TV Ad on Youtube!”… Is the WRONG way of going digital. Use each media platform to its fullest potential. This this the era of semantic storytelling… Content used in a meaningful way.

According to Microsoft Advertising:
Recent research from Thinkbox and the IAB highlights the advantages of planning a marketing campaign to make use of multiple channels from the start:

Increased purchase intent, with conversion rates rising by more than 50 per cent when TV and online are used together
Extended reach across different audiences and channels
Lengthening the life of the campaign, with different channels helping to keep messages fresh.

The essence of Y&R Global CEO, David Sable’s observation, is that advertisers must realize that ‘digital’ is a situation, a culture, a global lifestyle. So it should be REALIZED as such and not treated as a separate trend/gimmick.

In fact as always, if we go back to basics and make sure that our campaign is rooted on genuine consumer insight, that the idea is compelling and distinctive and is applied effectively then our message and our content will be relevant and that is what we should be producing – this is semantic storytelling.

To quote David Sable once again. ”If the work ends up being one-size-fits-all, then we’re really just talking to ourselves. And that’s not a sustainable business model, no matter how many awards we win.”



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