We’ve heard it all before… Or have we?

Knowing your Generation X, Y, Z’s as a marketer has been invaluable as the sociological research behind these demographics has enabled us to form distinctly appllicable communication strategies.

A little rusty?… I’ll hum it for you:

Boomers –  Born between 1946-1964. Witnessed dramatic social change. Defined as Hippies and Yuppies. Idealistic and competitive.

Generation X – Born between 1965-1976. Witnessed divorce and economic unrest. Defined as Latchkey Kids. Individualistic, skeptical of authority.

Generation Y – Born between 1977-1992. Witnessed inter-community conflicts and digital technologies. Defined as Millennials. Optimistic and brand loyal.

Generation Z – Born between 1993-2010. Witnessed terrorism, social networking and major environmental issues. Defined as Digital Natives. Flexible and diverse.

Generation Alpha – Born between 2011-?. Witnessing widespread economic downturn and technological innovation. Defined as Google kids. Educated and materialistic.

Currently there is a lot of excitement surrounding Millennials. The are defined as such, not only by their birth year but also by their mindset, a major factor towards this mindset is the internet. Why do Millennials matter: 80 million strong, they have purchasing power, they are agents of change, they are trend-setters, they have political influence, they are distrustful of marketing and are socially conscious, they are determined to make an impact and are advocates of social responsibility.

Interestingly, they are putting family, flexibility, balance and lifestyle ahead of career and money. (At variance with their Gen X parents).
What does this mean for marketers? Well, it means that they filter content aggressively, they expect content to be free and on demand and competing for their attention is fierce.

They become brand advocates for brands that are ethical, inspirational, socially conscious, responsible, sustainable, original, economically sensible and shareable.

For more statistics and case studies of brands that have become relevant to this Generation see Millennial Marketing.

“Play it again Sam?” Perhaps we should be saying. “Rewind Selectahh!”

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