Years Experience
Thoughts Reproduced
Debates Encountered

We are all driven by something.

I am driven by change. Change excites me.

It forces me to step out of my comfort zone, try out new things, get scared and discover what arouses my senses in the world of advertising. I translate this energy creatively every day through my work, my team and our clients. I have been lucky enough to have found my passion, and it is not marketing. It’s how the principle of marketing is changing, in the world of advertising. Today I find myself embracing change and living every moment of it.

My motto: “Everything is hard before it becomes easy”.


Andrea has been in the field of advertising for 13 years. She has worked on a multifaceted client profile and has acquired the knowledge & knowhow of a number of industries, all different in their scope of work. Her strong asset is her ability to break down a challenge and develop the strategic path that will direct the client closer to the road of performance and inevitably, drive him towards the road of success. As a business mind, Andrea focuses on creating channels for communicating the unique selling proposition of Byte and portraying the unconventional nature & character of the company’ s product offering. Andrea also supervises the New Business of the company, dealing with potential markets that can drive the dynamic of the team, to a different level.