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Reality is far more complex that what can be seen. It’s what you feel, what you dream…Acknowledging this, enabled me to link my thoughts with the visuals and translating moods into imagery.  Having as an aim to broaden my horizons I always seek for new explorations in my surroundings and thus I do not have a constant motto, it keep changes…


Having a passion in documenting life around him and creating content from people’s stories, Antonios joined the University of Sussex in 2014 studying Media Practice. Being a student, he joined the University’s Student Television and slowly became the head of marketing winning the best marketing award at the National Student Television awards in 2017. In his final year project Antonios analysed the importance of multiple exposure images in visual storytelling and war conflicts and his work has taken the second place at the Global Undergraduate Awards. He now makes his first steps at Byte as a content creator willing to incorporate his passion in his working space.


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