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Life is challenging, unpredictable, but mostly beautiful.

With the transformation brought on by the Internet, our world had never been more connected. Now, with the ability to transmit information in ways never before considered, communication has not only shrunk our world, allowed for tailor-made opportunities and solutions, but also create immediate and purposeful impact on people’s lives.

We are now truly living in dynamic times and being thankful to be alive is the best strategy anyone can use.

Motto – Everything happens for a reason


Loucas is a marketing & communications professional, holder of an MSc in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College London. Upon finishing his studies he was the marketing & sales officer at a startup he co-founded. His joining the thrilling advertising-world over a year ago, completely changed everything.  Stimulated by merging creativity with strategy, he was proud to be part of the dynamic teams that create powerful campaigns. His strong assets are project management, problem solving, and developing the strategic thinking that will take Byte’s clients to the next level.