Kykkos water is a brand that is heavily associated with nature and specifically the Kykkos forest in Cyprus, where its origins are. The challenge was to make our audience recognise the importance of planting more trees in the forest, especially after the catastrophic fires that burned a huge part of it, in the summer of 2016. In addition, we wanted to make consumers to feel involved, to engage with the brand and with the planting process.

To achieve this goal, we created an interactive application where consumers were asked to help the forest grow, by planting an online tree though the app. For every digital tree that was planted, Kykkos was going to plant a tree in its place in the forests that were harmed by the fire. Furthermore, in order to create the element of competition amongst our users, we awarded the 5 people who scored best at the ‘care’ meter, which was rating ‘the amount of love’ they showed their tree as they were growing it.

During the month of the competition we created Facebook posts to promote the activation and people were able to view the growing process in real time, through a digital screen, which we placed at the Mall of Cyprus.

The results from this activation were greater than expected!

Plant 2000 digital trees in just two weeks
145,558 page views
16,255 sessions
Average duration 3:43