The challenge:
In a holiday extension of its “Joie de Bière” campaign,Stella Artois Global was encouraging people to be less concerned about material gifts and more focused on spending quality time and making memories with friends and family. The main tagline: “The best present is to be present”.  Our mission: to get across the brand’s holiday message and create engagement with our local audiences. The challenge: How do we prompt people to spend the holiday season together and not worry about the physical gifts at a time when gift shopping is such a major part of the season? Now that was a real head-scratcher.

The idea was to create a competition that would bring people closer rather than simply give away presents. So we decided to take it back, ‘old school’ style. Remember holiday cards? Actual holiday cards with a personal message and everything. Well we transformed them into e-cards and we created a platform which people could use to send their own to their loved ones. By doing so, they would get the chance to win 2 Stella Artois Gift boxes, 1 for them and 1 for their loved ones. The Competition was communicated through Facebook, Instagram stories and Google display ads.


  • 2.100.000 Impressions
  • 6.132 Website Visits
  • 411 Unique Competition Entries