How to host an exceptional gastronomy experience with a talented yet unknown Chef and make it huge!

Handling the Stella Artois brand in Cyprus, we had been challenged to create an immersive experience and to host a night to remember for very few selected guests of the food and gastronomy industry.

This is how we made it happen. We teamed up with our PR agency and developed a digital PR project that would bring the brand values to the forefront, through branded content and influencer outreach. We then amplified it through an experiential food pairing activation with Stella Artois.

Making a local Chef our main star and the story teller of the concept was crucial for the success of this project. So, we took over Dude Chef’s social presence and created shareable stories with the help of local influencers who assisted him in the creation of the menu and to to offer an unforgettable night to our selected guests.


300K unique video views
26K engagements
10K euros of earned media publicity