Automatic Cuteness…

How do we create an environment where consumers will market to each other? The answer is raw emotional gratification or simply… PLEASURE. Pleasure not only from experiencing, but more importantly from sharing that experience.

Viral content is such that you (the sender) imagine that your friend (the receiver) will enjoy the content that you have sent and that you will receive much kudos! It’s an act that is selfless just as it is selfish.

What has this got to do with a baby monkey and a piglet?

Take a look at the video below…

Did you see the number of views? Yes that’s 14 MILLION, 233 THOUSAND AND 402 VIEWS to date!

This wasn’t the original video, this was the original video. As you can see it achieved 635,401 views to date. This content was so cute and funny (did you watch the video yet?) it was spread virally; emails, social media, and blogs like this one.

It doesn’t stop here! From the original video, a SONG was made that was put on the video above, the MP3 was released on ITUNES: Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On a Pig) by Parry Gripp. It was also made into an IPHONE APP: Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On a Pig) by Kihon Games. There are 50+ Facebook pages with the name Baby Monkey and the video thumbnail as their profile picture with anofficial Facebook page supporting the iphone app.

So there you have it, from user generated content into a marketable Brand, courtesy of the viral effect!


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