Social Media 101…

What does social media mean for brands? Let’s see what Mark Zukerberg, founder and Chief Executive of Facebook has to say:

“For the past 100 years, media has been pushed out to people. Now marketers are going to be part of the conversation.”

It’s clear that social media has become a trusted source of information; Wikipedia, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, review blogs. Just because consumers trust other consumers more than they trust us, it does not mean that we no longer control our brands. It means that:

We can listen to consumers and each other. We can understand and inform our point of view before our brands speak.

We can anticipate by understanding and responding in real time. We can create new opportunities to make connections with each other and with consumers.

We can create the catalyst that sparks new ideas. We can engage at every touchpoint between brand and consumer.

We can participate by delivering value and relevance through our content. We reconnect.

In effect we can utilize this CRM cycle infinitely. If we look at this as real people the idea is simple. Imagine yourself in social situation, perhaps an event. What steps would you take to be socially liked?

1. You will need a personality! That is you and how you want to be perceived. (Identify your Brands’ Personality).

2. You need to be introduced (Shared) or introduce yourself. (Your Brand reaches out to consumers).

3. You should listen using all your senses (Analytics, research tools, evaluation) in order to understand the other persons personality (Defining target audience).

4. You should talk to the other person, finding mutual points of interest will enable a meaningful conversation and perhaps friendship (Brand Storytelling, communicating your Brand message and being relevant to your target audience).

5. You now need to keep the relationship going (CRM). You need to call once in a while (post updates) and be valuable to your friend (Advice, information, service).

6. You should give them something, ie buy them a coffee (Give gifts, special offers, prize draws/competitions).

7. You make the relationship stronger (Your Brand becomes appreciated).

8. You are now well liked and you are talked about by your friends.(They have become Brand Advocates).

9. You now meet up with your friends’ friends (Virality of your Brand).

10. You keep it going! (CRM).

The concept is easy to understand as it is based on a human model. How popular you become is another question and depends on many factors, but that’s exactly what advertising is about!

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