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Passion drives everything. It’s all about… Cultivating ideas, people and brands, permeating the sweet spot where creative energy and semantic strategy procreate.

It all starts with that energy. That energy which needs a channeled and focused direction in order to create messages which truly communicate. Communication is where it all starts and as people have become the publishers, people have become the advertisers. Communication at its highest level affects us. It is engaging. It challenges our deepest questions, it can enforce social change.

Advertising has never been so powerful.


Let’s use it.


With over 10 years as a Senior Ad Agency creative, Alexander Alexandrou has led Byte from start-up to an award winning ad agency. Whether as a conference speaker on digital advertising or Young Lions Cyber judge, he has been a proponent from the start and is a passionate digital evangeslist. As Creative Director, Alexander innovates in the field of digital advertising in Cyprus, focusing on bringing brands closer to the consumer. Specializing in creating engaging activations by combining tech with creativity, he has guided ‘glocal’ brand campaigns towards richer, people-based marketing experiences. 

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