Relevant: Related to the matter.
Conversation: Interchanging communication.
Definition: A connection with matching frequencies.


Relevant Online Semantic Marketing Strategy.
As a specialized and Award Winning Digital Communication Agency,  we are well versed in initiating and guiding brands, products and services into the digital world, utilizing solid strategy, first class design and ideas which differentiate. For a campaign or message to be semantic, it means it must be relevant and targeted, an outcome which is specifically suited to digital and is a ‘must’ for us at Byte.


Online Brand Storytelling & Brand Engagement.
It is now generally agreed within modern marketing strategy, that ‘the brand is the experience and experience is the brand’. This means that a brand should no longer push advertising messages, but instead should be focused on creating experiences, so as to engage consumers, this in effect is ‘storytelling’. At Byte we create campaigns that actively engage consumers, resulting in brand advocates. The new generation of consumers are well educated with regards to advertising messages, often rejecting self endorsed brand claims. Our team specializes in promoting your brand online and captivating existing and prospective brand loyalists.


Fully integrated or Independent Online Promotions.
A marketing strategy that does not take into account online activities is something of the past. In order to reach Generations X, Y, Z, a brand must target different users at different times through different media and devices. The digital era is now and the wisest brands are implementing holistic thinking into their marketing strategy, in actuality, there is no longer a distinction between ON-line, ATL and BTL, just an end user, a modern consumer with a technological lifestyle that accepts advertising messages from many sources. At Byte we offer purely digital as well as holistic advertising solutions.


Socially Pushed Content Promotion – W.O.M.
To be truly viral, means that content which is produced has to be so engaging, that it will be passed on from user to user, with minimal to zero media spend. Many times we have seen our campaigns break records and become case studies in Cyprus and abroad. Achieving virality is not an untouchable formula, it just requires great understanding of the target group in question, great content and above all, great ideas.


Development & Maintenance of Brand Identity via interactive PR.
Internet communication is about building relationships. It is therefore essential that we also develop and maintain brand identity through interactive online PR. Digital PR can also be combined with traditional PR activities and fusing the two can produce outstanding results.


Interactive Dialogue Design, Creation & Management.
A brand is not what it says it is; it’s what people say it is. Word of mouth is extremely important in digital social circles; we try to exploit this to the maximum by building strong social media presence, interactive dialogue design, applications and content creation; all this is achieved with a single goal in mind; virality.


Integrated or Independent Media Strategy & Analytics Evaluation.
At Byte we provide full digital media strategy, including extensive analysis evaluation tailored to specific media objectives. Evaluation and analysis is always recommended, as objectives and goals can be targeted with greater focus which can lead to enhanced ROI.


Search Engine Marketing & Optimization.
Our team can offer consultation and direction for optimized websites that appear high in search engine results. SEO refers to how a website is developed and maintained and should therefore should be implemented at the beginning, in conjunction with the overall site structure.

Very often we advise our clients towards search engine marketing solutions (banner and text advertising in Search engines & affiliated sites), which can offer targeted reach and measurable results. SEM refers to advertising within the sphere of search engines and 3rd party websites.


Creation of Online Games & Native Applications.
Online games mean interaction, which for us is literally ‘the name of the game’ when it comes to online behavior. Users end up engaging with and spending large amounts of time with your brand, which generates positive results and brand advocacy, a phenomenon rarely seen through the use of traditional advertising only. We create all kinds of online games for campaigns and applications, e.g interactive flash games for microsites & social media and specialized technologies such as augmented reality.


Creation of Engaging Interactive User Experiences.
When interactivity is the goal via online or within holistic campaigns, we shine through. Whether it’s an effective and efficient landing page that is needed or right through to a fully loaded rich media microsite, Byte is an award winning digital agency that can match those needs.


Creation of Corporate Web Presence.
We undertake the creation and production of corporate websites. This includes creative concept, design and navigation structure analysis, programming and development, hosting and maintenance. Our websites are built using up-to-date technology which combined with our design expertise, results in modern, attractive and functional websites which can be very easily updated.


Creation of Mobile Applications & Advertising Services.
Mobile applications and mobile advertising- Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are here to stay and internet usage via these devices is rapidly increasing. At Byte we provide mobile friendly websites, web-applications and native mobile applications, as well as targeted mobile internet banner campaigns.